Graduate Careers Australia has decided to remove gender-based information from its latest report on graduate salaries, claiming the data was being misused in stories about gender equality.

The company’s 2012 graduate jobs data reported that Australian males earned $5,000 more than females. The disparity was taken up and cited often by the Australian government’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency.

Graduate Careers Australia subsequently criticised the agency for oversimplifying matters, claiming the data should be subject to more detailed analysis in line with other factors, such as the types of graduate jobs chosen by men and women.

Naveen Young, chief executive of Diversity Council Australia, believes that Graduate Careers Australia had a duty to keep the gender pay gap data in its report.

She said: ‘Pay disparity is an issue we need to rectify. We need to retain the information so that we can examine it. Not because we will agree all the time what to do, but there needs to be the information so people are aware of the issue.’

A spokeswoman for the Workplace Gender Equality Agency said: ‘Examining graduate starting salaries can help us understand how the educational career choices of women and men lead to differences in lifetime earnings, and also help in broadly identifying where inequalities exist in the graduate labour market.’

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