A new survey by Logicalis has found that the science and technology arenas are the top career choices among UK teens.

More than 1000 13-17 year olds took part in the survey, which also revealed ICT, Maths, English and Science as the most highly regarded educational subjects.

Gerry Carroll, author of the report at Logicalis UK, said: ‘The statistics show a highly connected, commercially aware generation that is pursuing careers in STEM industries, and whose instinctive ICT skills could bring innovation and greater productivity to the workplace.

‘This generation has the potential to deliver a digital dividend – an economic return on their ICT skills. But it won’t happen by itself. The challenge for government, the education system and employers is to sustain this generation’s interest in the professions and industries that give Britain its competitive edge.’

In spite of the overall popularity of IT careers, the technology sector was selected by only 6% of girls.

Nevertheless, the IT industry remains a fantastic career choice for female graduates.

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