The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) welcomes the announcement from the Department of Education that both its A level and GCSE equivalent qualifications have been included in the national UK Performance Tables.

This means that the CISI has met very high standards for qualifications that can be taught in schools from September 2014. It is the first time that the CISI has offered a qualification for young people from the age of 14.

This brings the possibility of a career in global financial services a step closer for 16-18 year olds all over the UK as their schools and colleges can now be assured that a quality, benchmark qualification offering access to the industry is officially available and endorsed by the DfE.

Even more importantly students can start learning about financial services and business from the age of 14 through CISI’s level 2 qualification.

Qualifications from September 2014

The CISI’s GCSE equivalent qualification is the CISI Level 2 Certificate in Fundamentals of Business & Finance (QCF) and the A level equivalent qualification is the CISI Level 3 Diploma in Finance, Risk & Investment (QCF), which will carry 120 UCAS points, fully equivalent to an A level.

Both qualifications now on the national UK Performance Tables will allow schools and colleges throughout the UK to begin teaching their students these qualifications from September 2014.

Ruth Martin, CISI Managing Director said:’We are very pleased to have the DfE confirm both our Level 2 “Certificate in Fundamentals of Business and Finance” (GCSE equivalent) and our level 3 “Diploma in Finance, Risk and Investments” (A level equivalent) qualifications are officially endorsed and available to be taught to students from September 2014.

‘This means that schools and colleges throughout the UK can at last offer their students GCSE and A level equivalent qualifications which lead to a career route into financial services.’

Schools and colleges interested in learning more about the CISI GCSE and A level equivalent qualifications should contact [email protected]

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