According to a survey of 99 companies by PwC and CBI, there was an increase of 10,000 jobs in the three months up to September 2013. There is also an expectation of another 2,000 to be created in the final quarter of the year.

A positive outlook

24% of firms had increased staff numbers, the biggest rise in six years. Optimism amongst banks and financial firms has reached a 17 year high: 59% of firms felt more optimistic as opposed to the 6% that felt less optimistic.

Profitability rose for a fourth consecutive quarter, despite falling business volumes due to widening spreads. The likelihood of falling costs means profitability is set to increase.

Kevin Burrowes, from PwC’s UK financial services division, said: ‘Banks’ optimism is increasingly buoyant despite seeing a slight seasonal blip in commercial and industrial volumes.

‘Activity and profitability are expected to grow as the economy recovers, and investment in new products and infrastructure is increasing.’

According to the Association of Professional Staffing Companies, the accounting and finance sectors experienced the most impressive growth in jobs, with a 19% increased in August and September 2013 compared with the previous year.

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