Last week’s report from the Higher Education Statistics Agency reveals the earnings of graduates three years after leaving university.

To the nearest £500, the research reveals the proportion of both male and female graduates within a wide range of graduate salary brackets.

The median salary for female UK graduates was £23,000, while the median salary of their male counterparts was £25,000.

Put another way, while 63.3% of female graduates were earning at least £21,000 three years after university, this compares with 68.7% of men.

There was no corresponding breakdown into the effect of degree classification on a graduate’s salary, but lower degree results were shown to correlate with higher unemployment rates. Only 1.7% of the class of 2008 who graduated with a first class are unemployed, compared to 7.7% of those with a third.

For more in-depth information about graduate salaries in 2013, read our article on the subject.

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