Education Secretary Michael Grove is considering offering maths and physics graduates an extra £5,000 incentive to enter the teaching profession.

The idea comes as part of the efforts to solve the long-running shortage of qualified specialists in crucial subjects.

In a speech at the Policy Exchange today, Grove is expected to announce that the government are considering an increase in bursaries for top graduates in these subjects.

Grove also wants to examine ways in which to get those with maths and physics A levels into teaching.

The bursary incentive follows on from some of the government’s recent efforts to recruit specialist maths and physics graduates. This includes recent deals with the Institute of Physics and the Institute of Mathematics to offer scholarships worth £20,000, and the introduction of new training bursaries of up to £20,000 for high-flying graduates.

A rise in pupil numbers is making teaching recruitment even more critical to ensure the education system can meet future demands.

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