Capgemini Consulting has launched a new digital offer to transform the way Insurers deliver customer experience in the future.

The proposition, named the Insurance All Channel Experience, was revealed at an event attended by C-level executives from 15 leading insurers including Legal & General, Aviva and Ageas.

During a live demonstration, Capgemini Consulting’s Head of Digital Insurance, Alan Walker, briefed the assembled Insurers on the digital All Channel Experience concept, demonstrating how digital technology can be used by insurers to revolutionise the customer experience, including:

  • Using social listening to spot new sales opportunities visible on Facebook, Twitter or other social media.
  • Responding automatically to those opportunities and using techniques such as gamification to build engagement with the potential customer.
  • Providing mobile apps to help customers to tailor their insurance, view the formal offer from the Insurer, and conclude the purchase remotely.
  • Having a complete picture of the customer to be able to meet their needs more fully.
  • Providing unasked-for value-adds to enhance the relationship further.
  • Ensuring the customer receives rapid, seamless service across multiple distribution and service channels.
  • Settling claims more efficiently, while keeping the customer informed and engaged throughout.

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