A final year student managed to land himself a graduate job at an industry conference – simply by announcing that he needed one.

Through his extracurricular memberships with interest groups relating to his degree discipline, Jake Pickering was invited to speak at a London debate for people in the farming industry.

During his speech, Mr Pickering mentioned that he had just completed his degree in Agriculture and Business Management. Shortly afterward, a representative from Sainsbury’s approached him to offer him a place on a brand new graduate scheme with the supermarket chain.

Mr Pickering said: ‘I was lucky really that Sainsbury’s were in the audience and offered me a job as soon as I got off the stage. There are plenty of jobs out there in farming but, like any industry, it’s very competitive at the top.’

Mr Pickering’s fortune underscores the value of taking action to secure a graduate job. By taking positions of responsibility with student societies, volunteering and attending networking events, you can boost your chances of getting graduate jobs.

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