The proportion of workers leaving their employer at any one time fell by over two-fifths from 1998 to 2012, according to new research by the CIPD.

Analysis of figures from the Office for National Statistics showed that between October and December 2012, 2.6% of employees left their jobs, compared with 4.5% for the same period In 1998.

Since 2008, the average length of time that people stick with their employer has been rising.

Mark Beatson, Chief Economist at the CIPD, explained that those of at least 50 years of age are least likely to leave jobs, while young people are the most likely to do so.

With an aging population and high unemployment among the young, ‘we may well see historically low turnover rates for years to come,’ he said.

He continued: ‘We have been told for a long time to expect the end of the ‘job for life’ and more frequent changes of employers and careers but the data appears to have been moving in the opposite direction.’

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