Just one in eight (12%) current students considers getting a graduate job at a small or medium sized enterprise (SME) to be their top career choice, despite the fact that a quarter of graduates (25%) are employed by one.

Research from Santander UK found that graduate jobs at SMEs ranked low on students’ list of priorities, with options to continue in education (26%), seek graduate jobs at large corporations (16%) and pursue graduate careers in the public sector (16%) being viewed more favourably.

Nearly a quarter (23%) of students were unaware of the career opportunities presented by SMEs, and yet SMEs are responsible for over 59% of private sector employment in the UK.

However, students appear to view graduate jobs at SMEs as more viable options the closer they get to graduation, with 14% of final year students saying as much, compared to 7% of first year students.

There are many SMEs among our graduate job and internship Employer A-Z.

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