High taxation and cybercrime have been identified as among the top three concerns for CEOs and senior executives, according to a new survey.

The Lloyds Risk Index 2013 survey of 580 executives found that high taxation had climbed from 13th place in 2011 to become the overall biggest risk facing businesses.

Cyber security has become the third biggest issue, up from 19th place in 2011.

The report stated: ‘It appears that businesses across the world have encountered a partial reality check about the degree of cyber risk. Their sense of preparedness to deal with the level of risk, however, still appears remarkably complacent.’

According to the report, employee negligence was responsible for 39% of data breaches, system glitches accounted for 24%, while 37% was attributed to malicious attacks.

Our tax graduate employers are always looking for bright candidates to offset their clients’ high taxation concerns, while cyber security is widely acknowledged to be one of the three key trends for future IT graduate jobs.

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