Targeting top talent for graduate jobs might be inefficient, according to an SHL study.

The global talent management company found that UK companies are losing an estimated £183 million from low levels of graduate retention.

Roughly a quarter of graduate job holders do not intend to stay more than one year in their current roles, which they claim to find uninteresting.

Eugene Burke, chief science and analytics officer at SHL, suggests that the UK graduate jobs market is stuck in a self-perpetuating cycle of talent shortage by overlooking capable candidates.

‘Recruiters are heavily focused on the “best” and brightest graduates and do not necessarily understand what ‘best’ is for their organisation,’ he said.

He continued: ‘Recruiters must scrutinise whether they need the brightest graduates to fulfil future roles in the company, or even those that possess all of the behavioural traits which define top talent. Given that only 1 in 15 graduates are classed as top talent, we urge recruiters to reconsider their hiring strategy, reducing their emphasis on “buying in” this rare talent at a higher cost.’

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