People are working increasingly long hours, but still cite work-life balance as the most important factor in job satisfaction, a recent survey reveals.

The Robert Walters Career Lifestyle Survey asked 1,420 people from a range of professional fields about their attitudes toward working life.

A good work-life balance was deemed ‘very important’ by 60% of respondents. Interesting work was considered very important by 52%, while achieving status and positions of responsibility was seen as the least important (28%).

Comparing results from a previous Career Insights Survey in 2011, this latest survey also shows that working hours have significantly increased over the past two years: 82% now work more than 40 hours per week (compared with 68% in 2011) and 28% work over 50 hours (up from 19%).

Sales professionals reported working the longest hours (47.9 on average per week). Other professions requiring long hours include tax (45.8), marketing (45.6) and risk (45.5).

Work-life balance is a topic frequently addressed in our series of Employee Profiles.

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