Careers advice in many schools in England ‘is on life support’, the head of The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) claims.

John Cridland is critical of the government’s decision to make careers advice for school pupils the prerogative of head teachers.

‘A job for life has been and long gone – today’s jobs market is much more complex. Young people need reliable, high-quality advice but the system is too dependent on individual teachers or it’s left to family and friends to try and pick up the pieces – that’s simply not good enough.

‘We know careers advice is on life support in many areas, as schools struggle with the new statutory duty. It’s right that schools should have the freedom to run their own affairs – but the government may have adopted too laissez-faire an approach with serious consequences for our young people.’

Mr Cridland argues that careers advice ‘must be a priority’ instead of an ‘optional extra’.

The CBI chief further proclaimed that careers advice needs ‘to be better targeted, more actively online, through social media channels’.

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