Two internal consultants from the Royal Bank of Scotland have just qualified for the Certificate in Professional Consulting at QCF Level 5.

Nationally recognised qualifications in Professional Consulting were introduced in 2012, making the two awarded the first.

They fit onto the Qualifications and Credit Framework – the same framework that encompasses GCSEs at one end and doctorates at the other. The new qualifications are at level 5 (equivalent to an HND) and Level 7 – postgraduate level. Students accumulate credits that can progressively result in an Award, Certificate or Diploma.

Lee Neary and Phil Hobday are part of an internal consultancy unit in RBS. Lee says ‘This is a first class course. I plan that all my colleagues will take the training this year and I hope that they will also take the qualification. Beyond that, I feel sure that this is something that would be of value elsewhere in the Bank.’

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