Three-quarters of the UK’s Generation Y believe that an educational background in technological subjects will be crucial to securing a job, according to research by Telefónica.

A quarter of respondents rated technology as the subject that carries the most employability, beating economics (18%), science (18%) and languages (8%).

In the survey of over 12,000 people across 27 countries, almost half (49%) of UK 18- to 30-year-olds feel they have excellent knowledge of technology, compared with just 30% worldwide.

Telefónica UK chief executive Ronan Dunne said: ‘Digital literacy is fast becoming a minimum standard in the same way as English and Maths, and UK millennials are in a unique position to capitalise on the opportunities the digital economy presents.’

As our IT FAQs article attests, the technological savvy of the UK’s young people means that you do not need a computer science degree to secure an IT graduate job.

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