Recruitment in investment banking has changed since the financial crisis, with more of a focus on soft skills such as social responsibility and client empathy.

According to a report by the Financial Times, the crisis has affected the perceptions and aspirations of those applying for banking jobs. Students have shifted their interest away from Mergers & Acquisitions and Trading to other areas of banking:

‘Now we see people interested in other areas of finance such as private banking and investment management,’ says Sarah Juillet, director of postgraduate careers and the MBA programme at City University’s Cass Business School.

Faye Woodhead, head of graduate governance, planning and strategy at Deutsche Bank, admits the decrease in interest in sales and trading roles, pointing to the wide range of other options in hedge funds, private equity and technology.

She discussed the changes going on in investment banking recruitment: ‘The culture is changing. We encourage our hires to think creatively about finding solutions for clients in a risk-aware environment. Client-centricity is key. The financial structuring and trading roles are still there but we are looking for an ability to get in front of clients and build relationships.’

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Find the original article on the Financial Times website.

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