Until yesterday (14 May 2013), Westminster School were offering its sixth formers the chance to buy an internship at Imperial College’s Institute of Biomedical Engineering.

Last reported as priced at £252 before its removal, the student internship was being auctioned in a bout of fundraising by the public school, which costs upwards of £7,236 per term to attend.

The prize was listed as a one week internship that ‘promises a fascinating insight into the field of biomedical engineering and would be a wonderful addition to the CV of any budding scientist’.

The selling of an internship at Imperial College has scandalized its students, causing their Student Union to release a diatribe denouncing the university’s involvement.

From the statement: ‘For a publicly-funded body to restrict this transformational opportunity only to the wealthy is a betrayal of our academic principles and the work to widen access to which so many staff and students have given their time.’

By contrast, last week saw the news that several UK universities are boycotting unpaid internships.

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