It has been brought to the attention of Inside Careers by a graduate employer in our Patent Attorney careers section that some job seekers have been caught up in application scams.

Currently this is not something that has been aimed at graduate job seekers or seen through jobs listed on this site, but it is something we feel all students should be made aware of.

How the scam works

  • A basic replica of a real firm’s website is set up to dupe job applications with bogus job openings
  • Applicant emails CV
  • An offer is sent out based on the strength of the CV (no interview is set up) and a contract is sent out
  • Applicant returns completed contract which includes full domestic and banking details
  • Applicant’s bank account is emptied

We think it’s fair to say you will never be offered a job unseen – i.e. you will be required to attend an interview. Regardless never give out your banking and personal details to anyone in this way.

If you are ever in doubt about a job offer, we recommend you speak to your university careers service.

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