A new wind energy generator designed by Delft University of Technology has no moving parts whatsoever and produces electricity from water droplets.

Common criticisms for wind power include noise pollution, unsightly turbines and damage to local wildlife.

Instead of harnessing the kinetic energy of the wind, the new device produces electricity when the wind blows charged water particles across the structure. The wind energy generator has no moving parts making it completely silent.

The generator is called the Electrostatic WInd-energy CONvertor (EWICON) and the current design consists of a steel frame holding a series of insulated tubes arranged horizontally.

Each tube contains several electrodes and nozzles, which continually release positively-charged water particles into the air. As the particles are blown away, the voltage of the device changes and creates an electric field, which can be transferred to the grid for everyday use.

The video below explains more about how the generator works:

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