The number of jobs for graduates in the UK has exceeded the number of jobs that do not require a degree, says the Institute of Education.

Three thousand adults across the job market partook in the Skills and Employment Survey, which found that graduate jobs are at a record peak and non-graduate jobs at a record low.

The decline in jobs without qualifications has accelerated since 2006, culminating in the ‘historic low’ of 23% of the labour market indicated by this survey, which uses figures from 2012.

Graduate jobs account for more than a quarter (26%) of the labour market.

The study further shows that fewer graduates are in non-graduate jobs. Seventy-four per cent of those with degrees are working in graduate jobs, compared with 69% employed in graduate jobs in 2006.

With recruiters increasingly allocating jobs to graduates over non-graduates, find out what you could do with your degree before searching for graduate jobs.

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