New research shows that senior leaders in the UK transport sector feel that the government has no clear vision for its future.

Only 32% of senior leaders feel that the government has a clear vision for the future of the nation’s transport. The report, ‘Navigating Uncertainty’, found that just 18% believe this vision is very or extremely clear.

88% indicate that Government policy significantly affects their strategy and investment decisions, and 85% believe that this lack of clarity has negatively affected their organisations.

The survey spoke to over 130 board members and their direct reports from a cross-section of transport and infrastructure organisations, overseeing a total spend on change and transformation projects worth £2.1 billion.

33% believe the transport sector is fairly or very effective at working with Government to help influence future transport policy. However, not a single respondent in the Aviation sector felt positively about their engagement with Government.

The results of the research show that there is a lacking relationship between the UK transport industry and the government that needs to be addressed with a clear future planned out for the development of the industry.

It is feared by many that if this future of development is not made clear, the UK could lag behind other countries in development.

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