IT graduates who are well versed in cloud computing could have their pick of graduate computer science jobs as recent survey results uncover a shortfall.

A study of 1,300 companies by Manchester Business School and Rackspace Hosting has found that a lack of knowledge on the subject of cloud computing is preventing 48% of companies from developing.

Only 19% of UK companies are confident that their IT department can implement cloud solutions systems, while 32% of UK companies hired staff specifically for their expertise in this field of IT.

Cloud computing, the practise of using a network of remote servers hosted on the internet to store data, is becoming increasingly popular and has many benefits including a reduction in IT costs.

37% of firms were looking to hire staff with cloud computing skills but found that there are not enough suitable candidates available. This prompted 74% of companies to say that universities need to incorporate cloud computing modules into their curriculum to address this issue.

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