Monday 11 to Friday 15 March is the sixth annual National Apprenticeship Week. The event aims to promote the positive effects that apprenticeships have on individuals, businesses and the economy.

However, in spite of David Cameron’s attempt to rebrand apprenticeships as the ‘new norm’, a recent study by the Chartered Institute of Personal Development reveals that apprenticeships are still burdened with an image problem.

The survey of 400 working parents found that nearly half see apprenticeships as more suitable for manual/blue-collar jobs.

A tenth of respondents regarded apprenticeships as the preferred qualification for their children, but roughly twice as many ranked them below university educations in terms of status.

Responding to these preconceptions, CIPD Chief Executive Peter Cheese says: ‘Our research shows there is still work to be done to improve the parity of esteem between the many excellent employer-led apprenticeship programmes and university education.’

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