Wrapping up National Apprenticeship Week, the government have published their response to the Richard Review, saying they ‘plan to redefine apprenticeships’ by giving employers more control over the apprenticeships they offer.

The review by Dragons Den entrepreneur Doug Richard called for employers to be given the reigns to the £1.5 billion government funding for on-the-training.

Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg said: “Most employers say that apprentices improve productivity so it’s vital apprenticeships are tailored around what employers want, allowing them to design their own qualifications and choose their own training provider, rather than getting a one-size-fits-all programme that’s bad for apprentices and bad for employers.”

Gaenor Bagley, head of people at PwC, was similarly vocal in support of the Richard Review, and its central aim to make apprenticeships credible.

‘For apprenticeships to be considered a viable alternative to a university degree and become the “new norm” for school leavers, employers need to ensure they are offering quality training and work experience to attract the very best talent into real business roles,’ she said.

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