Generation Y employees have less of the entrepreneurial spirit than older colleagues, a new report states.

Conducted by consultancy firm Millennial Branding, the survey of 2,828 people found that only 32% of the Gen Y respondents (18-29 year olds) self-identified as entrepreneurial. This is compared to 41% of Gen X employees (30-49 year olds) and 45% of baby boomers (50-69 year olds) who felt the same.

The study also revealed that Gen Y workers consider themselves to be more risk averse, but at the same time are more likely to move between jobs in search of their ideal career.

The concept of “intrapreneurship”, treating projects within a large organisation as independent ventures, was found to be on the rise.

However, while 42% of respondents felt that they had opportunities to work on projects outside of their role, only 23% felt encouraged by managers to take on such projects.

If the notion of intrapreneurship appeals to you, you might consider a career in management consultancy.

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