According to new research from advisory firm Deloitte, nearly 4.6 million UK consumers have had their personal details stolen and their bank accounts used to buy goods or services.

In addition, approximately 65% of consumers claimed to have received ‘phishing’ emails and one in three said they had been a victim of ‘cybersquatting’.

Only 44% of consumers trust companies to tell the truth about the quality of their data security procedures. Three quarters of these consumers would like companies to add extra identity authentication to online transactions.

Consumers feel that companies are the ones who should be responsible for security. While this is likely to mean that companies will face the blame when something goes wrong, with 29% of consumers saying they would move away from a company if they had a security breach, it can also be seen as a possibility for companies.

66% of consumers said they would be more willing to use a company who went out of their way to prove to customers that their data was safe.

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