IT professional body Intellect are seeking to raise the profile of automation software, which they claim will cut UK businesses’ reliance on offshore recruitment.

Intellect believes that “white-collar automation” – software that runs back office processes – can boost productivity and economic growth.

The industry body cites recent research by Quocirca, commissioned by automation software manufacturer IPSoft, as evidence. IT workers were reported to be spending a third of their time performing basic functions, and further felt frustrated that they were only using half of the skills they had developed.

Marco Pisano, head of Intellect’s Automate Britain campaign, is eager to stress that automation will not lead to UK redundancies, but will rather create higher level jobs.

He explained: “Automation creates jobs in the end because you need people to create the software and work with it.”

Automation software is a growing market. Elsewhere, we have written about other key areas for future employment in the IT industry.

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