Over the last 5 years the interview process has extended by 1.5 hours for the average successful candidate, according to research by specialist recruiter Randtad.

A poll taken of 2,000 British workers found that those who successfully changed jobs last year spent 27% more time on the interview process for the same role, compared to 2008.

The average length of time devoted to interview preparation and participation was 7 hours, while almost 7% of respondents claimed to have spent at least 20 hours on the process.

The number of interviews employers conduct with a successful applicant has also increased. For junior roles, employers now require an average of 2.4 interviews, up from 1.6 in 2008.

Mark Bull, UK CEO of Randstad, said: “Employers have become increasingly selective when it comes to interviewing staff.”

He continued: “It’s not enough to demonstrate you can do the job they’re currently advertising for – you need to show you can develop in the role and bring something valuable to that organisation in the future.”

Factoring in simultaneous increases in the number of technical tests and the level of vetting checks, the total time taken to find a job has risen by 28% over the past 5 years.

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