The Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE) is running a competition to provide 500 engineering professionals and new graduates with financial aid for Master’s degrees in aerospace engineering.

As of Thursday 21 February, the RAE and the Royal Aeronautical Society are inviting applications from engineering graduates and final year students, with successful candidates receiving bursaries of up to £9,500 to cover the postgraduate tuition fees.

The government and the UK aerospace industry are together putting up £6 million to attract talented engineers to embark on careers in aerospace.

As part of the scheme, students will be expected to network with industry professionals, creating their own opportunities for securing work experience and future employment.

Philip Greenish, Chief Executive of the RAE, said of the scheme: “Strengthening the supply of skilled people in key areas of technology such as aerospace engineering is essential for a sustainable economic recovery and to ensure that the UK continues to be a leader in advanced design and manufacturing.”

The scheme adds to a growing list of incentives to go into engineering.

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