According to new research from analyst firm Forrester, chief financial officers (CFOs) are gaining influence over IT services spending in Europe and North America.

More than 40% of respondents predicted that CFOs will wield more influence over the next year, compared to 35% that said the same thing last year.

The IT services industry is undergoing operational changes, as many new service providers are bypassing IT departments in favour of contacting business executives directly.

“The IT services industry is in the middle of a fundamental transformation of who it sells to, what services it sells, and how it delivers those services, because upstart vendors – specialising in new technologies like predictive analytics, big data, and mobile – are going around IT departments and incumbent suppliers by selling to business decision-makers,” said the Forrester report.

Nearly three quarters of respondents said that the biggest impact of this shift will be in cost justification of IT services spending, which will be treated to more rigorous measures.

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