KPMG has begun talks with legal social mobility venture PRIME, in order to create a new work experience scheme model for the accountancy profession promoting social diversity.

PRIME was launched by 23 law firms in September 2011 in an attempt increase access to the legal profession. KPMG hopes to adapt the model for its own firm and potentially the accountancy profession as a whole.

This could potentially mean linking work experience placements more directly to recruitment, although no firm decisions have yet been made.

KPMG UK head of corporate affairs Marianne Fallon said: ‘We are looking towards the next step for candidates to take as there needs to be more opportunities for them to join the profession as a result of a work experience placement, as well as looking at other ways for them to enter the apprenticeship track.’

KPMG already runs school leaver programmes, including a six-year audit programme which leads to an accounting degree from a top UK university, professional accounting qualification and a salary, whilst paying for tuition and accommodation fees for its students.

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