IT salaries are set to increase in 2013 to discourage employees from moving abroad.

According to recent research by Randstad Technologies the UK faces a shortage of 33,300 skilled IT and tech workers by 2050 due to a skills deficit, an ageing workforce and restrictive migration policies.

IT and technology employees currently represent one per cent of the UK workforce and Randstad said that if that were to remain constant by 2050, the UK would have a deficit of 33,300 IT-related staff. While considerable, this is a smaller deficit than other sectors including engineering and construction.

According to the Office of National Statistics, since 2007, overall work-related emigration from the UK has increased by 16 per cent, while work-related immigration has fallen 24 per cent over the same period, suggesting that employees are looking at opportunities abroad for higher salaries.

As a result, salaries in the sector have begun to rise.

Randstad predict that pay will increase for the following roles:

  • IT systems by 20.4%
  • IT development by 9.4%
  • IT technical support by 5%
  • BI analysis by 10%
  • IT architecture by 9.1%
  • It change management by 10.3%
  • IT project management by 2.2%
  • ERP by 3.2%
  • It infrastructure by 11.1%.

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