Employers are predicting an 8.8% increase in the number of graduate vacancies which is set to rise from 19,350 to 21,061 next year, according to the 2013 AGR Graduate Recruitment Survey.

There has been a 4% increase in graduate starting salaries following three years of salary stagnation. A further increase is expected for 2013 when graduate salaries are predicted to rise by 1.9%.

The highest increase in graduate starting salaries is likely to be in the public sector with a rise of 7.5%. Followed by the accountancy sector with an increase of 5.8% and the construction and consultancy sectors at 4.3%.

The study also looked at the screening tools used by employers and found that 82.1% of employers use degree classification.

81.3% of these use 2:1 as the cut off for most of their positions. 15% use 2:2. A small minority said that it varies depending on the role.

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