A team from City of London School has been named the winner of a national codebreaking competition.

In total 6,268 pupils from 725 British schools took part in the National Cypher Challenge at the end of 2012.

Previous years have seen 200 teams take part but this year 1,600 teams signed up to decode a series of cryptic codes released online.

The event was organised by Southampton University with support from GCHQ and commercial partners.

The competition ran over a period of two months, with codes of increasing difficulty being issued periodically on the internet for school teams to crack.

Starting with a Caesar cypher, the codes increased in difficulty and eventually ended with a Trifid cypher which took the winning team 44 hours and 20 minutes to decode.

The winning team – Samson Danziger, Daniel Hu, Anthony Landau and Charlie Hu will receive a £1,000 prize from GCHQ.

The National Cypher Challenge is in its 11th year and is aimed at attracting young people into maths and computer science.

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