Public private partnerships are key to the UK’s cyber security strategy, says Cabinet Office minister for political and constitutional reform,  Chloe Smith.

“We are all in this together. The government recognizes that and seeks to embrace that,” she told the opening session of the Govnet Cyber Security Summit 2012 in London.

Reiterating the stance that the internet is a “massive force for good,” that needs to be protected, Smith said the government had made progress in the first year of its latest “pioneering” cyber security strategy.

The government have dedicated an investment of £650 million over four years from 2011 and are focused on providing the skills and training necessary to ensure that the UK have the experts required to make it resilient to cyber attacks.

The aim, said Smith is to get into a position where governments and businesses are beating attackers and conquering threats.

“But to do that, we must all work together to share skills, resources and intelligence; it is the only way we can continue enjoying the benefits of the cyber world”.

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