Against the background of low financial literacy in the UK, a new book called #yourmoney has been launched by the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI) and author Jeannette Lichner.

Written for unders 25s, it is no-nonsense, plain speaking explanation of all angles related to earning, spending, managing and saving money. It meets a pressing need to provide simple, impartial advice on many fundamental financial facts.

Jeannette Lichner said: ‘I wrote the book because I wanted to make sure that under 25s have something tangible to give them the knowledge they need to control their financial destiny.’

CISI is donating a copy to every school, college and university student enrolled on the CISI progression qualification programme and to the libraries of universities who are part of the CISI Centre of Excellence programme.

#yourmoney can be ordered from the CISI website, Jeannette Lichner’s website, and from Amazon.

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