Wind and solar power is significantly cheaper than electricity from fossil fuels or nuclear power when health and environmental damage is factored in.

A report from Green Budget Germany (GBG) examines the hidden costs of power sources including the impact on human health, ecosystems and environmental services.

The cheapest energy sources in the world are currently wind and solar power with:

  • One kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity produced by wind power stations on the coast or in the countryside costs an average of 0.07 euro.
  • New solar energy plants in central and southern Europe produce electricity for an average of 0.14 euro per kWh.

Electricity produced from coal is twice as expensive as wind power and around the same as solar power. However, the additional cost to the tax payer through medical care to those suffering illness as a result of the by-products of these processes gives coal a cost of 0.23 euro per KWh.

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