The Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) is pressing the government to put off penalties for employers for the first year of the ‘Real Time Information’  scheme’s (RTI’s) operation.

CIOT are also calling for the Government to change its Universal Credit plans, so that businesses can send information to HMRC at the end of each month – the current requirement is for payments to be made ‘on or before’ every payment is made to employees.

The chair of the CIOT’s Employment Taxes committee, Colin Ben-Nathan, commented:

‘This is a new responsibility and burden being placed on employers. The penalty regime must be proportionate and give time for employers to get used to the new and sometimes onerous obligations RTI imposes on them. ‘

You can read the full story on the CIOT’s website. To find out more about changes that are being made in tax, take a look at our  Future of the tax profession article.


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