• Role: ACA Trainee
  • Location: London
  • University: Leeds
  • Degree: Art & Design

Heather Porter

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How did you get your job at HW Fisher?
I applied for my job using the online recruitment system. The application process is very detailed and the information included is carefully reviewed by the team, who remembered details of my application long after I had got the job! Your work and life experiences are taken into account – not just your academic performance. I do not have a relevant degree which has not held me back during my time here.

Why did you choose HW Fisher?
HW Fisher’s friendly and supportive atmosphere stood out from the first interview. HW Fisher does not use verbal and mathematical reasoning to judge candidates; they take you and your personality into account and you are treated as an individual at all stages.

What’s it like to be part of the training programme at HW Fisher?
The learning environment is fast paced, demanding and requires you to think on your feet. The firm has a wide variety of clients and as a trainee, you are exposed to companies and charities of different sizes and in different sectors. This provides really valuable experience. There is great support through buddy systems, dedicated mentors and through working directly with other trainees who have got a few years’ experience already and who can offer practical advice for work and studies. You are encouraged to take responsibility for your work and studies from the start, however the culture of the firm means that someone is always there to offer assistance when you need it.

What skills are useful in this profession?
You’re not expected to have prior knowledge of accounting terminology or practice. Time management is a key skill required for anyone considering the ACA qualification, as you will be required to work and study at the same time. An inquisitive mind and willingness to learn are very important at all stages of the training contract.

What do you like most about your role?
As part of my role, I get to interact with different types of businesses in different sectors, meaning I also have to deal with different people. I enjoy the interaction and challenges presented, as this is a key part of working in any area of the financial sector. The exposure to different industries allows you to gain a broad understanding of the world of business which is helpful for your studies and future career opportunities.

View HW Fisher & Company's Website
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