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  • Role: Account Security Advisor
  • Location: Warwick
  • University: Nottingham Trent
  • Degree: BSc Computer Sciences

Deepak Khaira

IT is my passion and I worked towards my dream by studying Computer Studies at Nottingham Trent University and successfully completing a sandwich year with IBM as an Industrial Trainee. I later joined the company after I graduated.

What aspects of your job do you enjoy most?

The most enjoyable aspect of my role is the teamwork, flexibility and dynamics of IBM as a company. I am constantly communicating with colleagues, throughout the company who are located all over the world, in order to achieve results for our clients. I have been allowed to take ownership of projects from day one and the responsibility has enabled me to achieve results for our clients and for the company.

The flexibility of being able to travel to various locations is a positive point, enabling me to network and build relationships with colleagues, graduates and clients.

Tell us about the most stressful experience on the job

Managing the client service delivery on a day to day basis can be extremely stressful as you are unable to predict what will happen on a daily basis and an unforeseen issue will arise. Issues that escalate into a large problem require huge focus, leading to a backlog of tasks with pressing deadlines. This creates intense pressure, in managing your time and prioritising, in order to ensure that everything is addressed.

What is the most valuable lesson you have learned since graduation?

Since graduation, the most important lesson I have learnt is that you are able to achieve goals with motivation, passion and dedication to success.

Deepak’s Graduate Journal


I am the account security advisor and it is my responsibility to collaborate with the client service delivery management, who provide the service on the client account and ensure that all of the security/compliance process and procedures are adhered to when implementing and resolving changes that need to be made to the service. Managing the security and risk on a client account comes with many challenges, not least being managing the security controls contract and ensuring that the day to day issues that arise are resolved in accordance with the security controls that have been agreed with the client.

I begin the day on a team call with the client service delivery management team leads, where we discuss ongoing and new issues which have arisen over the weekend. I’m the point of contact from the security perspective and I have to ensure that all client service delivery issues are being resolved correctly.

I have a list of actions, regarding issues that have been raised on the call. In order to resolve the issues I spend the day communicating with various contacts and competency teams to decipher the best course of action and build action plans with the revolver groups to ensure that the resolutions are deployed in a timely manner. This is where thinking on your feet really comes into play, you never know what issues may arise and the majority of the time after investigation, issues that initially seemed relatively small, escalate into a small component of a larger problem!


I start the day with a catch up meeting with client service delivery management, answering questions on problem areas and being required to resolve them before close of business or provide reasons as to why that’s not possible. I take away the updates and begin to collaborate with the resolving teams in order to progress the issues and ensure that they are still on the priority list.

I attend a call from the Giveback group organising the IBM graduate newsletter that I’m a representative for. Giveback is where you get to do some form of voluntary work that utilises IBM’s technology and workforce for the benefit of a group in society and within the IBM, such as school technology events or an internal awareness event. I was asked to prepare an article on the topic of the practice skills class which I recently attended and completed, which will be included within the newsletter.

The afternoon is spent in some meetings to finalise some new procedures for the client and how we will meet their needs around internet usage within the client’s company. This involves communicating with parties outside of my security competency to make sure all who are involved know how the procedure will work.


I start the day with a one-to-one security competency call with the Client Delivery Project Executive, who is the IBM focal point of contact for the client. The call enables me to make the Delivery Project Executive aware of the current highlights, ongoing issues and concerns. We discuss and prioritise the actions according to the client’s needs and current status.

Before getting back to my list of tasks, we have a general chat about the weekend and a laugh about the latest football scores! Tomorrow the client service delivery management team and I are heading to the client’s office for a meeting, so I spend my afternoon preparing for this.


I arrive at the IBM Warwick office at 09.00 and continue to work through the current issues and ongoing projects which I am involved in on the client account. The meeting with the client is in their office at 14.00, which gives me little time in the office to complete all of the tasks which I have set out for myself.

I head off to the client site at 12.30, in order to ensure that I arrive ahead of time. I have prepared the relevant documentation for the meeting and I present each of these to the client and I answer questions they have, as well as taking down actions which the client advises. The client has many questions and due to my preparation I am able to answer them in detail. The client is happy with the meeting and has provided an agreement in principal, once I have updated the minor actions, they will sign the documents. I set a date for when they shall receive the updated version to formalise the agreement.

I head back to the office and write and send the meeting minutes, passing the actions to the relevant teams for review. Once I have got updates regarding the status of this morning’s tasks, I head home after a long day.


I drive straight to a local school, to attend a Giveback event that I have volunteered to do. The event is a school technology event, where we will spend the day with students, building robots. The students will be put in groups, build robots and use hardware and software to create instructions. Our role is to provide support, encouragement and assistance in the tasks, and also answer questions that students have.

The atmosphere is buzzing and my colleagues and I enjoy the day, with a vibrant class of students. I am able to help and talk to the students about Women in IT and my personal experiences.

That marks the end of my week. I have invited friends around for dinner in the evening, so I head off home to get cooking!

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