Are you not sure if an insurance internship or work experience is for you?

Where can I volunteer?

If you want to volunteer but you're not sure where to begin, start here.

As the debate rages on and the future of unpaid internships looks uncertain, we get the experts in to settle once and for all: are unpaid internships legal?

Reasons why you should be looking for a student placement and how to find one.

Work experience is an important factor in helping graduates to get the job they want. As competition in the current job market toughens, employers are looking for graduates who are able to show they have applied their academic skills in a commercial environment.

What are the opportunities available to students wanting to obtain relevant work experience?

Why volunteer?

When you're stressed with deadlines or busy applying to jobs, volunteering in your free time might be the last thing on your mind. Here's why it's a great idea...

Getting an internship

As a student it can be daunting considering your future career path.

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