Many companies run a series of extended selection procedures, often called assessment centres. These centres allow organisations to assess the candidate’s ability and whether they possess the skills to join their organisation.

Personality tests

Personality tests are a common feature of the job application process and in assessment centres. Not sure what personality testing involves? Time to get some practice.

Top tips on how to get the most out of recruitment personality tests.

In-tray exercises

Learn how to tackle in-tray exercises and take some practice tests.

Nervous about going to an assessment centre? Find out the ten biggest mistakes that assessment centre candidates make and how to avoid them.

People often don't know what to expect or how to behave in group assessment at assessment centres. Find out what it involves, what employers are looking for and how to come out on top.

Verbal reasoning tests

At assessment centres, you're often asked to take a verbal reasoning test. Find out what they involve, how to prepare and take a practice test.

Numerical reasoning tests

Numerical reasoning tests are a common cause of anxiety for job applicants. So what do they involve and how can you prepare for them?

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