• Number of Employees: 145
  • Number of Qualified Actuaries: 61
  • Number of Trainee Actuaries: 56
  • International Opportunities: No
  • Location: London and Edinburgh
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Who we are

GAD was established as a government department in 1919. Today, we provide actuarial analysis for public sector clients throughout the UK. We are based in central London in the heart of the financial community, with a second office in Edinburgh, and currently employ around 50 actuaries and 50 trainees. We are a not for profit organisation.

What we do

Our analysis enables government to formulate national policy and manage public sector finances. This work is crucial to the welfare of millions of people both in the UK and overseas. We provide advice on a wide variety of topics in many fields.

Our aims

GAD provides actuarial analysis to the public sector from the public sector. Our aim is to be a highly valued principal provider of actuarial analysis and advice to all parts of the UK Government and other relevant UK public bodies.

For UK Central Government (and the devolved administrations) to deliver and be seen to deliver:

  • Top notch service and policy advice
  • A full range of actuarial analysis whenever appropriate for actuarial input to be provided
  • All the actuarial analysis on pensions as the ‘shared service’ supplier of actuarial analysis to Government.

For other public sector (UK and overseas) to win and deliver as much actuarial analysis work as we can, subject to:

  • Meeting the commitments to quality in all we do
  • Anything we do must be consistent with Government policy
  • Nothing we do must impair our ability to deliver Aim 1
  • Meeting our financial criteria
  • Having a sustainable long-term GAD
  • in government.

Our values

In addition to the core values of the Civil Service (integrity, honesty, objectivity and impartiality), GAD’s values are:

  • Making client service our priority
  • Professionalism (Civil Service core values as above and actuarial professionalism)
  • Treating people fairly and with respect
  • Being flexible, sharing and collaborative
  • Delivering a work/life balance to the extent consistent with our themes
  • Being forward looking and pro-active
  • Pursuing a fulfilling and varied career
  • Having a strong public sector ethos.

Who are we looking for?

Each year we recruit a small number of people who have the clear potential to become fully qualified actuaries and who will relish the challenges of our diverse and public interest orientated work.

As a minimum, candidates should:

  • Expect to graduate, or have graduated, with a first or high 2:1 honours degree in a subject with a high mathematical content or expect to achieve or have achieved an equivalent postgraduate qualification and
  • Have an A level in mathematics at grade A, or Scottish/Irish equivalent and
  • Have a GCSE in English language at grade B or above, or Scottish/Irish equivalent.

Applicants must be highly numerate, but do not need to be maths graduates. Many people come to GAD from other disciplines, such as physics or economics.

At the Government Actuary’s Department we are renowned for the quality of our advice. This is because we select only the most promising recruits.

Providing actuarial support to some of the largest pension schemes in the UK, our work is crucial to the welfare of millions of people. Our graduates are the actuaries of the future.

As a trainee actuary you will work as part of a team with qualified actuaries in both our London and Edinburgh office, to deliver advice across a broad range of areas such as valuations, benefit design, investment strategy and government policy. In addition to advising government, trustees and employers, there may also be opportunities to work in UK and international social insurance, long-term care, health, risk and insurance.

As your experience grows you can expect to have regular client contact. To help you qualify as quickly as possible we offer substantial study support with generous study leave, discussion classes, and paid for tutorials, courses, exam entry and exam counselling. We also provide an internal business training programme to help trainees grasp the opportunities we offer and to assume new responsibilities, including:

  • A comprehensive induction and technical training programme.
  • In-house seminars and professional briefings.
  • Managerial and business training including project management, team working, presentations, IT skills and managing client relationships.
  • A friendly and cooperative working environment, where actuaries and senior students are enthusiastic about teaching new trainees and passing on their experience.
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