• Role: Strategy Consultant
  • Location: London
  • University: Cambridge
  • Degree: Politics

Crystal Eisinger

Hi! I’m Crystal, a consultant at Monitor Deloitte. I work mainly on Private Sector clients within Consumer Business & Retail. I believe the key to being a great consultant is taking on a client’s problem as your own and being a good storyteller. I graduated two years ago from the University of Cambridge with a degree in politics and a master’s in history. The work I do now has many similarities to my arts degree, involving hypothesis development, testing and if necessary re-working to achieve a logical and creative solution.

How did I get my job?

Aged 18 I applied to and was awarded a place on the Deloitte Scholar Scheme, which involved a year’s work experience before university plus a series of placements while studying. Having been a Deloitte Scholar I was fast tracked through the application process when it came to applying as a graduate.

What types of project have I been on?

Merchandising analytics on the other side of the world:
Soon after joining the firm as a graduate I was asked if I wanted to go out to Australia to work on a project with one of Australia’s leading clothing retailers. The project was a merchandising analytics project that involved working with transactional data to help buying and merchandising teams make more intelligent decisions around planning, buying and trading. I particularly enjoyed analysing store sales data to craft a narrative for the client to help them better understand customer needs.

Spicing up my life on a customer segmentation:
After returning from Australia I worked on a project for a UK flavourings (herbs, spices, seasonings etc.) manufacturer to understand the different types of flavourings shoppers wanted to buy. This was done in order to enable more focused activation strategies to drive category and brand growth.

What is the most important part of my job?

I definitely think storytelling is the most important and interesting part of my job as that’s the means by which people at all levels are compelled to act upon the insight that you give them from the data analysis. People who work in sectors like retail tend to be highly visual and therefore it’s extremely important for me to be able to present data in visually stimulating yet clear to understand way.

Top tips to succeed as a junior employee?

  1. Have a point of view and be prepared to defend it, no matter how junior you are.
  2. Read the business press, set up email alerts and try to immerse yourself in the world of whichever client you’re working for.
  3. Whatever your interest is (fashion, healthcare or finance, for example) there will be a part of the firm where you can pursue that interest. You’ll produce the best outputs when working in an area that excites you.
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