What is a niche consultancy?

Much of the growth in UK consulting has been a result of consultants leaving the larger firms and setting up their own consultancy firms in a particular sector or offering a specialist service. Niche consultancies are also started by leading experts in particular fields, using their expertise to help others improve their business.

Sometimes called boutique or specialist consultancies, these firms specialise in a particular field rather than general consulting practices and have an in-depth knowledge of their subject area.

The work

Niche consultants can be found in almost any business area with consultants being able to work in a wide range of sectors. Some of the common areas for specialist consultancy include:

  • Health
  • HR
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Public sector
  • Retail
  • Transport.

The people

As every niche firm is different, those working in them will have different backgrounds and skills. Consultants working in niche consultancies will be specialists in the business area of that consultancy. They will often have worked in the sector for a number of years or studied it as an academic subject to a high level.

Niche consultants will need many of the same skills as other consultants including research skills and strong verbal and written communication. Communicating and working with others is a large part a consultants work so they must be comfortable with others and be able to explain themselves clearly to those who may not be as familiar with their area of work.

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